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Pregnant and addicted to heroin or opiates?

If you are pregnant and addicted to opiates, you are not alone, now you have OPTIONS.

"OPTIONS" is an acronym that stands for Opioid Pregnancy Treatment In-depth Outpatient Program for Neonatal Safety.   If you are pregnant and using opiates, or become pregnant while in a buprenorphine or methadone treatment program, OPTIONS is here to help.  Having an opioid addiction is difficult enough, but a pregnancy can make things scary and complicated.  Many women are afraid of delivering an addicted child, associated legal problems, or having her baby taken away when she is found to be using drugs.  Don't worry, you now have OPTIONS.   OPTIONS can help guide you to a safe pregnancy, minimize legal problems, and to safely take your baby home after delivery.  The OPTIONS program is Virginia's First Partial Hospitalization Program designed to help keep addicted mothers and their babies safe during pregnancy and after delivery.  The program is a five day outpatient professional treatment program designed to provide you with the education and support necessary to keep you and your baby healthy.

OPTIONS provides a path to quickly establish Medication Assisted Treatment with buprenorphine and to obtain a buprenorphine provider  if you do not already have one.  OPTIONS helps locate, refer to, and coordinate care with obstetrical programs for prenatal care and delivery.  We assist in coordination with Child Protective Services to aid in establishing a safe pregnancy plan and a record of appropriate care upon which to safely discharge home with your baby from the hospital after delivery.    

OPTIONS provides valuable screenings for maternal medical and mental health with referrals where needed,  We engage in intensive education and support to help stop substance abuse in pregnancy.  Bringing a new child into the world is wonderful, but can also be frustrating and tiring at times, so we provide education to help you understand your newborn and their demands, and how best to meet their needs and keep them healthy and happy after delivery.  We can also refer to programs that can continue to help you and your baby after you go home from the hospital.  OPTIONS can help serve as resource during and after pregnancy to you and your medical and mental health providers. 

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The OPTIONS program should be covered by heath insurance including Medicaid.  If you are pregnant and need help please call..  Our programming begins August 2018.

Be advised this program does not provide obstetrical care or delivery services, only addiction care and behavioral health services to pregnant women with opioid use disorders.

Contact us by phone  toll free at 1-888-985-0605, or by email at [email protected].com