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To win the fight against drug and alcohol addiction you need allies...Addiction Allies. 


Outpatient treatment is less costly than inpatient treatment and can be just as effective.  Outpatient treatment allows you to stay on the job and not drain your finances or vacation time by forcing you to be out of work for treatment.  Our treatment is confidential, affordable, and convenient with day and evening hours to accommodate work schedules. 

If you are pregnant, and you don't have insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid which should cover the cost of your treatment.

If you don't have insurance, we offer a cash discount for prompt payment.   Payment is due at the time of service.


We accept and/or work with most health insurance plans.  We are currently in-network with Anthem Medicaid Plans as well as other Managed Medicaid through the ARTS program.  We are working to contract with and accept other commercial insurance plans. We may be able to negotiate single case agreements with non-participating insurance plans to help get your treatment paid for.

Co-pays and deductibles are due and will be collected at the start of treatment.  If you have any questions about your share of costs under your particular insurance plan, we can quickly verify your benefits by phone and obtain a cost estimate for you directly from your insurance company.

Receipts with appropriate insurance codes are provided for clients to file claims with their insurance plan for reimbursement  if the insurance does not participate with our programs.  Cash rates are affordable.  We assist in getting any needed medications payed for by your insurance, through discount pharmacy programs and coupons, or in some instances free medication programs.

Some of our educational and prevention programs are not reimbursed by insurance plans and thus require cash or credit card payments.  In meeting our mission, these services are affordable. 

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